Use The Lithium Web TotalCRO™
To Massively Boost Your
Bottom Line Results

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving various aspects of web marketing to improve bottom-line results. For many online marketing agencies, this is restricted to improving conversion on key pages. At Lithium Web, we go several steps further and optimise each part of the lead generation process or the sales process.

Let me explain...

With any online marketing, you have several steps involved in taking a prospect from being an internet browser to making the final sale. They have to click on your ad or search listing on Google (or other search engine), then they need to find your homepage or landing page interesting and usable. If they land on a homepage, you need to make it as clear and compelling as possible which page they should click on next. And then, the next page can be used to make them enquire. The point is, there are a lot of steps, and different tools can be used to improve your conversion rate at each step.

Step 1: Traffic Generation

You have several highly-effective traffic generation options available - PPC (perhaps Google Adwords), SEO and Social Media. Using keyword analysis tools and our own savvy algorithms, we're able to improve your Adwords conversion rates, increase your natural search engine rankings and generate low-cost traffic from social media. It's standard practice for us to improve our clients' traffic generation results by more than double.

Step 2: Where Does The Traffic Go?

Many online businesses send ALL traffic directly to the homepage. This is seldom the best strategy. Segmenting the traffic and sending the different traffic streams to customized content pages or landing pages is much more effective. Using this strategy we can double conversion rates by on a regular basis.

Step 3: Traffic Conversion

Now that you have the visitors looking at the correct page, you can get your conversions. But - what type of conversion are you after - a sale, a lead, or a signup? Many of our clients have found that they can increase their results astronomically by testing all three of these conversions. Generally, signups lead to the most overall revenue and profitability, but it's something that needs to be tested depending on your industry. And then... all you need to do is determine that:

  1. Your prospect has enough information now to make their decision to convert, and
  2. Your website has high usability and your prospect can work out how to purchase, enquire or subscribe

And that's the art of CRO: increasing your conversion rate at each step of the way so you end up with maximum results.

Of course, within these 3 basic steps, there are many smaller steps that your prospects take. And we break these down and find ways to optimise them so you get even more profit.

If you need a tailored conversion strategy and conversion rate optimisation plan to rapidly improve your online results you need to enquire now! Click here for a no-obligation, FREE analysis of the key levers in your online marketing.