Traffic Generation

Google Adwords Management That Directly
Increases Your Clicks, Leads and Sales And
Drastically Improves Your ROI

Google Adwords has long been an established component of successful internet marketing with phenomenal ROI potential. It has become a vital tool for sending high-quality traffic to millions of websites worldwide. The key to maximising your ROI boils down to how intelligently you are able to manage your Google Adwords accounts.

BUT... smart management is more than just writing a keyword list, a few ads and pressing start!

Without cutting edge Adwords strategies, you could well end up being cut to ribbons by savvy and experienced competitors, and you end up paying too much for clicks that don't convert.

But with the right Adwords strategies, you'll unlock one of the most profitable traffic sources ever.

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Results-Driven Search Engine Optimisation
That Gets Rankings And Results

Do you want a constant stream of high-quality 'free' traffic to your website? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website rank well in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. In the past few years, SEO has become an increasingly important part of doing business online. If you don't rank well, it becomes a lot more difficult to get traffic to your website, and that means you don't make as much money.

But... using breakthrough SEO strategies, you can dominate your competitors for the profitable search terms prospects are typing into Google and the other search engines.

At Lithium Web, we use only 'white hat' legitimate SEO strategies. This means your website has zero risk of being banned by the search engines! It also means that we generate better, long-term results.

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At Lithium Web, we employ a sophisticated form of SEO designed to maximise your bottom line results. We evaluate the key terms that you should rank for based on:

  • Search Volume: we use sophisticated keyword research tools to evaluate how many searches there are for a particular term
  • Competitiveness: we check how competitors are ranking for the key terms and how well they are doing it
  • Conversion: we use conversion data to determine which keywords are the most profitable

From the data we get by analysing key terms in those 3 ways, we are able to produce better, more profitable, long-term results that directly improve your bottom line.

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